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Maximum customization

We have re-designed our blast chillers, focusing on our customer’s needs: whether you are a chef, confectioner, baker or ice-cream maker, you can decide on the configuration most suited for your work.

MultiFresh® Next manages temperatures from -31°F to +185°F. In addition to preset chilling and freezing cycles dedicated to professional kitchens, it also allows low-temperature cooking and chilling, warm holding or freezing directly after this delicate process.

The dream of every pastry chef or baker who has to plan out his timings each day and decide when his dough needs to be perfectly proofed. Available proofing cycles include: direct, programmed and multiple proofing. An absolute first offered by the Irinox blast chiller is the humidity control option. A precision sensor constantly monitoring current humidity allows the user to select between five different levels (from 40% to 90% RH), for unbeatable proofing results.

In addition to ice-cream freezing cycles, this configuration offers two exclusive functions. The first is pasteurization, where the cycle automatically ends with cooling or freezing the ice cream bases. The second is drying, where positive temperatures and controlled ventilation allow elimination of moisture from the product such as dried fruit.

For those that want it all, we present MultiFresh® Next Excellence. There is nothing that this product cannot do. If you want everything in your kitchen, this Irinox blast chiller will give you more, with 11 functions included.

It is the basic configuration that includes all key blast-chiller functions, chilling and freezing, guaranteeing excellent quality, uniform chamber temperature. The Essential model works up to 6.61 lb per tray, and features a 4.3” touch screen and white-LED bar indicating progress of current tasks.

Multifresh Next | Configurations

Performance and innovation

Multifresh Next | Turbo

MultiFresh® Next is the best available for professionals that require high-performance, high-power and high-speed chilling and freezing. Exceptional performance is achieved with new high-efficiency, low-consumption fans with electronic speed management depending on the food texture in the blast chiller, and using new compressors that run on natural gas. This exclusive compressor offers greater performance than any other blast chiller on the market, with the capacity to process up to 11 lb per tray. MultiFresh® Next, complete with the Turbo package, guarantees excellent results over 109°F ambient temperature and is classified in climate class 5.

Multifresh Next | Eco Silent

MultiFresh® Next with the Eco Silent package guarantees efficient performance with extremely low acoustic emissions, thanks to low-noise fans. This is the perfect option for kitchens subject to noise limits or that pay particular attention to quality of the working environment. Moreover, the Eco Silent package guarantees excellent results up to 90°F ambient temperature, and is classified in climate class 4.

Multifresh Next | Performance and innovation

Never so green

Protecting the environment is a central concern for Irinox. This is why we use a natural refrigerant. We use a zero-impact eco-gas, that does not damage the ozone layer. This choice guarantees greater energy efficiency and quicker chilling processes. We believe it is fundamental to offer excellent performance for our customer’s kitchens with complete respect for the environment.

Advanced connectivity

FreshCloud® is the name of our Irinox IoT technology that allows you to interact with MultiFresh® Next at any moment. With our new FreshCloud® app, you can connect to blast chiller at any time with your smartphone and check its correct operation, even if you are not around or are busy doing something else.

Multifresh Next | FreshCloud

FreshCloud allows you to:

  • Remotely monitor operating data for the current cycle and change settings such as core and chamber temperature, ventilation and phase duration.
  • Remotely launch the pre-chilling and pre-heating phases of a cycle.
  • Save HACCP data in handy PDF reports sent by MultiFresh® Next.
  • View usage stats for analysis purposes: temperature curves, cycle duration and most-used cycles, to optimize use of the blast chiller.
  • Manage the library of integrated cycles to import cycles created and free-up memory slots.
  • Transfer cycles created on MultiFresh® Next also to other blast chillers connected to the same activity.
  • Remotely manage support, receiving real-time notifications in the case of faults or alarms.
Multifresh Next | Advanced connectivity

Easy to use

Multifresh Next | Smart Display

Smart Display allows you to work even more easily and intuitively, thanks to a 10” capacitive touch screen. In addition to the display, you can check the status of the blast chiller from a distance thanks to an LED bar that indicates the progress of cycles and any alarms. Smart Display allows you to plan your work and that of your employees more easily than ever before: you can modify preset cycles and create new ones, access the calendar and plan processing. Smart Display will indicate which cycles are programmed and you can decide whether to launch or postpone them.

MultiFresh® Next
is available in 6 models:

MultiFresh® Next is available in six models:

Multifresh Next S

SIZES (mm)
W 31" 1/8 D 33" H 33" 1/2
33 (55,1)*

Multifresh Next M

SIZES (mm)
W 31" 1/8 D 40" H 62" 5/8
72,7 (110,2)*

Multifresh Next L

SIZES (mm)
W 31" 1/8 D 40" H 77" 1/2
99,2 (165,3)*

Multifresh Next SL

SIZES (mm)
W 34" 1/4 D 37" 7/8 H 33" 1/2
33 (55,1)*

Multifresh Next ML

SIZES (mm)
W 34" 1/4 D 45" H 62" 5/8
72,7 (110,2)*

Multifresh Next LL

SIZES (mm)
W 34" 1/4 D 45" H 77" 1/2
72,7 (110,2)*

*Only for the Turbo configuration.